Teeny Town for teeny people…

This morning I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter and two young grandsons to a play centre called Teeny Town.

Basically it is a child sized miniature indoor play centre, divided into lots of little rooms that resemble a shopping centre in a teeny town.

There’s a pretend cake shop where you can also make pretend waffles, toast and pizza.  There’s cupboard full of miniature kitchen utensils, pans and dishes, better equipped than my kitchen!  You can wear an apron and a cute chef’s hat.

There’s an official looking doctor’s surgery, complete with skeleton, measuring chart and a good range of medical equipment and bandages that puts the NHS to shame, and where you can make an instant appointment – much better service than our local surgery, and no grumpy receptionists!

No queues in this doctor’s surgery  but there was a rather promiscuous lady lying across the doctor’s desk………

Then there’s a very well stocked supermarket, with super cute mini trolleys and wire baskets.   The prices were on a comparison with Lidl, but with fresher long life fruit……

There’s a fire station where you can dress up in the uniform to attract the girls, drive a fire truck, quad bike or motorbike, and use hoses to put out the pretend fire…..

Don’t forget to visit the hair salon, and then afterwards you can go to the dressing up shop…

Kim Kardashian seems to be waiting to have her hair done.    In the dress shop, you can wear anything from a stormtrooper’s outfit, Woody the cowboy, a pirate, Batman, Minnie Mouse and assorted princesses with wigs and tiaras.

Finally, there is a construction site, with mini diggers, cement mixer, tool belts, loads of cones and hundred of soft bricks so you can construct to your heart’s delight.


Learning to drive the digger…..

You will be glad to hear there’s a small seating and cafe area for adults, but it seemed to be mostly used as a buggy park.  Unfortunately they didn’t sell alcohol……

Teeny Town cost £3 per person (adults and children) for 90 minutes’ play, and they restrict the numbers so it doesn’t get overcrowded.  At the end of the time, it looks like a bombsite!  Then they tidy up and put everything back in its proper place before the next lot of children arrive!

If only real life was this fun…..