The first of the month – memories of Greece.

I first wrote this post exactly four years ago, and published on my Sailblogs site, which no longer exists. ¬†So I’m re-posting it again here.

“Kalo Mina”. This is what you must say to a Greek person on the first day of the month – it means “have a good month”. So I tried it out on about four random Greeks today Continue reading


Sunday sunset……

While I sit here on a Sunday evening in front of a cosy log fire, I have been flicking through my many photos and cheered myself up by finding some Greek sunsets.

I hope you like them!


Anchored at Russian Bay near Poros.


Moored in the tiny shallow harbour at Episcopi, on Kalamos


Corfu sunset 

What has happened in the last five years?

One of the things that I like about Facebook is that every day it shows you ‘Memories’, and reminds you of what you were doing this day one, two, three, four years ago, or longer.

The other day Facebook told me that exactly five years ago, Continue reading