A new food blogger…..

Picnic food.   It needs to be easily transportable, it mustn’t spill or break up.  It must be easy to serve, and easy to eat.   What could be simpler than individual fruit and jelly pots?   Now, for my USA cousins or those of you who don’t understand ‘jelly’ and think I am talking about something you spread on bread or toast,  I am talking about what you strangely call ‘jello’.   I even found a website to explain the difference.




We do not have a product like this in the UK.  Red stuff that comes in jars which you spread on toast is called JAM!  Jelly is wobbly stuff that you eat at parties!

So I decided to make some individual fruit ‘n’ jelly pots for the picnic.  This is what you have to do…. it’s very complicated, so read the instructions carefully……


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