Motivational sailing quotes ….

I’m trying to motivate myself to going back to live on the boat.


In precisely 9 days time I’ll be sitting on the plane, heading for Greece, blubbing and wailing and sniffing as I always do.  How can I leave my four precious cherub grandchildren behind?  The thought of it reduces me to tears.Then I get sensible and realise that they are all aged three and under, and won’t remember this time in their lives.   Who can remember what their granny was like, when you were three years old? Not many people, I’m sure.

So I’ve been looking for inspirational quotes and pictures to give me positive thoughts…..

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When in doubt, write a list…

I’ve noticed recently that other bloggers have been trying a 30 day Blogging Challenge, so I thought I’d have a look …..


Sarah led me to a list on her blog which gave some useful prompts for blog posts if you needed some ideas.  You can find the list here.   I quite like the idea of writing random facts about myself, so here we go…..

I married my husband Tim in 2010, a second marriage for both of us.

I have four grandchildren, aged 3, 3, 1 and 1.

We live on a yacht in Greece for most of the year.

We have a cat called Artemis who lives on our boat with us.

I have been to over 40 Greek islands.

My favourite Greek islands are Syros, Paxos and Lipsi.

I was born in Malta, as my father was in the RAF.

I have been to 16 educational establishments.

I am left handed.

I am a Scorpio.

I like attempting cryptic crosswords.

My first car was a blue Mini.

I have a Masters’ degree in Psychology

My favourite food is a roast dinner.

I don’t like yoghurt.

I like sewing, writing and drawing (that’s three things!)

i have had several articles published in sailing magazines.

I used to be quite a good swimmer.

I’ve never been on a motorbike.

I have pierced ears but no tattoos.

My favourite colour is turquoise blue

I don’t like vacuuming or dusting, but don’t mind ironing.

One day I would like to have a book published

That’s all for now!  It’s very hard to think of things to write about yourself!

If you have a go at this, make sure you make a link back to this site, so I can read your random facts too!







16 feline facts for Friday….

Miaowww!  My name is Artemis, and I’m in charge here today…


My  female servant has found some cat facts, and I’ve been checking them out for you …

Cats are crepuscular, which means that they are most active at dawn and dusk.

          Purr!  That’s so true!  Dusk is my favourite time of day…

Cats mark you as their territory when they rub their faces and bodies against you, as they have scent glands in those areas.

          Purrrfect!  I want you to smell like me!

imageCats often attack your ankles when they are bored.

          My favourite game!   I love pouncing on the humans’ feet…

Cats will refuse an unpalatable food to the point of starvation.

         Do you need to be told this?   I require high quality sustenance at all times…

Cats can spend up to a third of their waking hours grooming.

          My favourite thing to do is to make my fur beautifully clean…

Each cat’s nose print is unique, much like human fingerprints.

          I didn’t know this!  But I am definitely unique!

A cat’s whiskers are generally about the same width as its body.

          I think my whiskers are pawwsome!

Cats have whiskers on the backs of their front legs, as well.

         Yes!  And I don’t like you touching them!

Cats have the largest eyes relative to their head size of any mammal.

          My eyes are very specialised pieces of equipment – how else could I catch mice in the          dark?

Cats’ rough tongues can lick a bone clean of any shred of meat.

          Miaowwww! Give me a meaty bone anytime!

Cats can jump up to six times their length.

          I love jumping ashore when we are mooring stern-to.  My humans panic when they see  how far I can jump off the boat!

Cats are very fussy about their water bowls, and some prefer to ignore their bowls entirely in favour of drinking from the sink tap.image

          I very much prefer to lean over the galley sink and lick the tap.   Or faucet, as some of you call it…

Some cats can swim.

          …. as I proved to you when I misjudged my jump from the boat and landed in the water…

Cats have nearly twice the amount of neurons in their cerebral cortex as dogs.

          Which just proves that cats are the superior race……