I’m a floating gypsy…

Having recovered from my blogging meltdown the other day, yesterday in a renewed flurry of blogging activity I looked at many blogs and posted many comments.   One blog in particular caught my attention, because they had left a comment on my blog saying something like “we are both travellers”.  I instantly felt something in common with Leah, who has a blog called traveltastecreate . what we have in common is a love of travel, adventure, and finding ourselves in new places.  I like the way that Leah has incorporated a map to show where she currently is, and also how she is revealing bits about herself at a time.

I also consider myself a traveller, and some people have also called me a wandering gypsy.  Now, I don’t wear a headscarf, tell fortunes and tour the country in a multicoloured horse-drawn caravan (a multicoloured caravan, not a horse). I am more of a floating gypsy, as I live on a boat and spend most of the year floating round the Greek islands.

Of course, there’s good and bad things about living on a boat, I found this image which illustrates the first of these quite well…


Next time, I’ll tell you about some of the bad things about living on a boat…




Not enough days in the week…

I’ve been having a think. Some really good blogs that I’ve been reading post something every day, even if it’s a one line quote, one photo, a recipe, song lyrics or a news headline. Spurred on by all your kind words of encouragement for me to continue my blog after having a meltdown a few days ago, I’d like to pinch this idea, and I’m going to try and divide my blog so that each day I write about different things.

Monday – a catch up from the weekend, my writing news
Tuesday – a quiz or question to answer, or maybe a recipe.
Wednesday – cat news. Yes, we have a cat called Artemis who lives on our boat.
Thursday – my comments on a photo I have taken, old or new.
Friday – a fascinating fact from the media to provoke discussion.
Saturday – boat related news. Yes, I live on a boat, but currently living on land for the winter.

So if you don’t like cats, you won’t get an overload of feline related stories, and if you have never been on a boat, you might prefer to look at the blog the following day.



I might consider adding new pages to incorporate these ideas…..
Wow, I’ve got my work cut out now! Bang goes the dusting and ironing?

But first, I need to do more work on blog design. Maybe change the background colour?

Bloggers of the world unite…

WOW.  BIG WOW.   Thank you everyone, so much, for all,your likes, comments and support.  Yesterday I was in Meltdown, but when I woke this morning I found a good number of messages from fellow bloggers who are encouraging me to continue.

Some things you bloggers out there have taught me ..

  1.  Just proceed with your blog in small steps, it’s not a race.
  2. Don’t compare your blog to anyone else’s, you don’t know what problems they might have had when they started.
  3. Ask for help when you need it – there are experts out there who are happy to share their knowledge.
  4. Don’t be afraid to change things, experiment, insert, delete.  You can always return to the original.
  5. you could try making your blog private for a short while, so you can work on it before it goes live.

Okey dokey.  I think I’ll go and take some photographs now, to cheer myself up.

By the way, some questions for experts out there – does anyone know what the inverted commas/speech marks do, in the task bar at the top of your writing page?

What is a slug?

How do I make the photo below of my boat smaller?