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My place of work

I don’t go to work in a traditional sense. I’m lucky enough to have retired early. In the summer months I live on a boat, but during the winter we come back to the uk and take a rental property so I can spend time with friends, and family.

I love this little furnished rented house, I wish I could live here always. But sadly we will only be here until Continue reading


Sew a lavender bag for Valentine’s Day.

A lovely friend of mine gave me a bag full of fabric remnants this week.

I love making little gifts for friends, and as Valentine’s Day will be with us soon, and also Easter is not too far away, I decided to make some lavender bags. They are traditionally used to keep drawers of clothes smelling fresh, but they are also great for popping inside your handbag, or gym bag, or you could even pop a couple inside a pair of trainers or wellies to keep them fresh, when you are not wearing them of course!

I remember making these as a child, using lavender we grew in our garden.  We would pick it and dry it, then either remove the flower heads from the stalks, or use a bunch of stalks with their flowers attached.   We would raid our mother’s sewing basket and cut scraps of fabric into squares or circles and hand-sew them together.

Using a sewing machine, it takes very little time to make a dozen lavender bags.  First choose some fabric, almost anything will do.


Cut your fabric into            squares.   You can mix and match and have contrasting pieces for the two sides.  Be creative – once you start, you will come up with all sorts of combinations.  You could cut each piece in half diagonally, or lengthways, or into smaller squares and sew them back together in a random way.   You might also find some scraps of ribbon, lace or other edging braid, or find some odd buttons.


Put the two squares right sides together, and sew along three sides.   If the material is quite bulky, it’s a good idea to just trim the edges close to the stitching.

I bought some dried lavender very cheaply from Amazon.  I put about 6 heaped teaspoons into each bag.  There’s no need to fill them too full, mine ended up quite floppy.


You could sew up the open side by hand, but it’s quicker to do it by machine.


If you want to add any trim, it’s a good idea to sew this on before you sew the two squares together.


I then found some red scraps, some felt, and some hessian.  I found various heart shapes I liked from the Internet, printed them out and used it them as templates.

Here’s the finished hearts, filled with lavender.  I also made some square ones which I decorated with buttons and ric-rac trim.

So it didn’t take me very long to make a dozen lavender bags!


I hope you have fun making some too.  Post some pictures and let me see them!