Weekly photo challenge: Liquid

Having the topic of ‘Liquid’ for this week’s photo challenge  gives us a very wide scope – it can be anything from a single drop, to an ocean.  From a waterfall to a glass filled with a drink.   A huge number of my photos seem to have seawater in them, so I’ve chosen six for you….. Continue reading

Where do I come from? Nowhere and everywhere…..

When you are asked “where do you come from?” how easy is it for you to answer?  

Most people can claim to have roots in one particular town in one particular country, with many family members still living in one area.  For me, that’s an almost impossible question – I don’t come from anywhere in particular….. Continue reading

Six stunning sunsets…..

Sunrise/sunset is the topic for the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge.  

This is an ideal topic for me, as I seem to spend a lot of my time taking photos of stunning sunsets when we are in a Greece for the summer.  They are always different from each other, and I never tire of experiencing them.  Here are some of my favourite photos…. Continue reading