My anti- New Year resolutions….

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Mini resolution update…

If you recall, I made three resolutions….

Firstly, to learn WordPress.   Well, I’m still following Blogging101 and – today I changed my ‘theme’ and changed a font, which wasn’t too challenging.  I’ll try a few others later. I’m avoiding anything too complicated….

Secondly, the most boring one, to lose some weight.   I’ve bought some bathroom scales!   And very surprisingly, I’m still the same weight I was back in October.   And despite going on a two-week cruise, and then Christmas, I haven’t done too badly.   But it’s all relative – it’s ok staying the same weight, it’s another to get rid of it.   But hey, onwards and upwards, it’s not a complete failure… And I don’t want to talk about dieting….. Too boring!

Third resolution – my writing.   Well, I have had one rejection so far this year, but then I had two pieces accepted!   One short piece for a sailing magazine has been emailed, with photos.  The second longer piece, for a sailing magazine, is 70% finished.   I have to select and send a lot of photos to go with it, which always takes time.   I also emailed my very first contribution to a letters page in a Writing magazine, where I commented on someone’s previous letter.   So I’ve had quite a productive week!

I’ve also just bought a short Kindle ebook called – Easy Money for Writers and Wannabees by Maggie Cobbett.  It gives helpful ideas for how you can send off “fillers” or short pieces to various magazines.  now, if I was better at WordPress, I could make the book title and author’s name into a link so if you click on it, it would take you straight to Amazon.   But alas, that skill is beyond me, unless anyone cares to help, and can instruct me in one syllable easy words…….

More news soon!