Release the lines, unfurl the sails, and head out sea…..

 The Daily Prompt – Unfurl – captured my imagination today, as I live on a yacht over the summer months, and there’s nothing better than unfurling the sails and switching off the engine…..

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The truth about Magic and Science….

I’m not feeling motivated to post anything at the moment.  I’ve only got two more nights left in this rented cottage, before we leave for the airport, and onwards to Greece.  Yes, I know by Wednesday afternoon I’ll be in the sunshine, and some people would tear off their right arm to be able to do that, but at the moment, I would gladly change places with you.


Looking round from where I’m sat at the moment, I can see half filled boxes, piles of books, empty cupboards, ironing to be sorted and packed, a vacuum cleaner sprawled over the kitchen floor.   It’s so depressing.    I’ve got to get all this packed away and tomorrow it will go to the storage unit.


I know when I get back to the boat, it won’t be in a suitable state to sail off for several days, as my husband who is currently on the boat, has told me this.   Although he has done fabulous work on the outside of the boat,such as painting the decks, cleaning the topsides, new anti-fouling paint, the inside will resemble a cross between a junkyard and a DIY store……


The actual mess on our boat….

I’m hoping that by the powers of magic and science, I could be whisked away from my house right now, held in transit in space for a week or so, then dropped gently onto the deck of a perfectly clean and tidy yacht just as we are leaving harbour, with a glass of wine in my hand…..