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I’m a freelance writer available for work.

Since 2012 I’ve had approximately 14 articles published in UK magazines.   I don’t consider myself a professional writer, it just started as a hobby, but I’ve been lucky enough to have everything published that I’ve submitted, along with my own photographs.   I have written mainly for the three popular UK sailing magazines – Practical Boat Owner, Yachting Monthly and Sailing Today.   I have also contributed to an article in Woman & Home, and most recently I have had two pieces published in Your Cat magazine.

My aim in 2016 is to branch out and write different articles for other magazines.

I recently won the Star Letter and prize in ‘Writing Magazine’, in which I referred to the need to take good quality photos to accompany magazine articles.

Since I have started my blog, I have been asked to be a guest contributor on several other blogs including a post on Wandering Wives.

Another opening for would-be writers which I have discovered, is on travel sites.   I wrote one article for a USA sailing site CruiserTV about the pleasures of sailing in Greece.

I came across another German-run holiday company called Zizoo, who offer tailor-made sailing holidays worldwide.  I noticed that they didn’t have much information on sailing in Greece, which is a huge and popular sailing area.  I contacted them and offered to write an article on sailing in Greece, and they have now commissioned me to write one article a fortnight for them!   You can read my first two articles here.

My most recent publication was in an in-flight magazine.   You know those magazines you get in the seat pockets on the plane, that you might glance at while waiting for your in-flight lunch to arrive?   I flew from Greece to London with Monarch, and I sent in something which was published in their “Essentials” section in their ‘Passport’ magazine.


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