Why it is important to like, and comment on, other blogs….

Last week I wrote about how during the April A to Z challenge I didn’t receive many likes or comments on my posts, despite putting a lot of effort into writing them.   To my surprise, many kind bloggers came to my rescue, and suggested ways in which I might improve my blogging.  The main point they made, was whether I was making comments on other people’s blogs.   Continue reading

Nautical nonsense in the A to Z challenge

Let’s take a break from our Greek Islands Odyssey today, and instead have a look at some nautical terms for N,  the 14th letter of the A to Z challenge

There are many phrases that you use everyday in conversations which have their origins in nautical terminology.  How many of these did you know? Continue reading

A to Z challenge…. C for Corfu town

A to Z challenge    Day 3. C – Corfu town


In our travels around the Greek islands on our yacht Fandancer, one of my favourite places to visit is Corfu town. We have been here many times, it is a handy place for picking up visitors as the anchorage is just ten minutes walk from the airport. Although there are a couple of marinas in Corfu town, we prefer to anchor in Garitsa Bay, under the big fortress. A short dinghy ride ashore will bring you to the green space of the Spiniada, and close by there is a full size cricket pitch where games are occasionally played.


Our yacht Fandancer moored below the old fortress, Corfu town

There is so much to see in Corfu town. One of my favourite things to do, is to climb to the top of the ‘new’ fortress’ built in the early 19th century. The views from the top are stunning. Later, you can then just spend your time wandering around the narrow streets of the old town below, where souvenir shops jostle for space with tavernas and churches.

80A27B85-647F-46BE-9558-9F0FD52F1491You can find anything you want in the town, from a Greek pastry to high fashion, from the latest mobile phone to a bottle of ouzo. After your shopping, you can walk along the Liston, the beautiful colonnade built in 1807 with its numerous arches and hanging lanterns.


The beautiful Liston


The narrowly, cobbled streets are very photogenic


Somewhere to relax, swim, and eat and drink


Tourist shops strong the narrow streets in Corfu town


I’ll let my photos speak for themselves…..

Have you ever been to Corfu?