In which I go on a photo walk, and rescue a bat….

I’m pleased to report we did finally get a berth on the quay. It’s free to moor here, and there’s unlimited water, so Paleros attracts many cruisers, some who stay here for many days.  There are also several Continue reading

Life aboard – all part of the big Greek adventure…..

We anchored overnight in Varko Bay.  It was very quiet and still, so I slept well.  I work early, and sat on deck for a while, watching Continue reading

The third instalment of all things Greek…..

We have settled in nicely in our berth on the quay at Vonitsa.  A lot of the spaces are filled up by people who keep their boats here permanently when they are absent, or are trying to sell them,  or live aboard here.  That means there are Continue reading