I’m lovin’ Bloglovin’….

Have you heard of Bloglovin’?

imageBloglovin’ is a little bit like the WordPress Reader. When you subscribe, you choose which categories of blog you want to read. To follow blogs and keep track of unread posts. Bloglovin’ shows you what posts have been published since your last login, making your blog-reading more efficient — no more scrolling through a list of blogs, wondering where the new stuff starts. You can even put your own blog on there, but I haven’t worked out how to do this yet.  There is even a WordPress article to help you…. Bloglovin’
Every day I am guaranteed at least one Bloglovin’ email.

“Trending posts you must read today!” it said….

This what it included –

  • How to make yourself the perfect capsule wardrobe
  • Easy steps to make your make up last all day!
  • Sewing tips – how to work with drapery material and other slippery fabrics
  • The new lip fave..
  • Barcelona bucket list
  • Why you should use motivational lists to get what you want
  • 3 face masks that work
  • Things you need to remember in your 20s
  • How to start a fashion blog

Hmm….. I’m thinking that today’s busy bloggers must be young and trendy.

Why would I be interested in face masks! Or capsule wardrobes! Or make up and lip faves! Imagine me starting a fashion blog, hahaha!  Sorry, I won’t be reading those…..

-this is why…. About me

Another suggested blog was entitled …

  • 30 prop ideas for blog photos.

That’s more like it. It’s time I got some better photos to use on my posts. I’m tired of scrolling through the same old ones to use on my blog and only finding photos of my cat, my grandchildren, my boat. Although I love all these photos, I’ll take some advice and add new ones. I had a quick look round where I was sitting in my dining kitchen and took three new ones…..

Hmm – not sure these are the sort of props they meant….

But there were a couple of really tasty recipes…

Spicy red lentil curry

Potato, garlic and leek soup

So I’m off to make some soup!  What’s your favourite soup?