24 facts you absolutely need to know…..

It’s a very hot and sultry day in Greece.  I’m supposed to be looking for a camera lead so I can transfer photos from my big digital camera to my iPad, but it’s disappeared.  So while I’m thinking where to look next, I had a quick glance at the blogging world and came across a great idea, where you are posed a number of personal questions which you have to answer.  A great idea for a blog post, until I think of something better!  So here’s my answers to the questions….. Continue reading

Eleven things you need to know……

While thinking of something amazing to write for my next stunning blog post, I was perusing other blogs I follow, and came across an idea from Stareofthedog.  I’ve fecently started following this blog, which features a handsome Labrador called Dudley, go take a look! Continue reading

5 blogs I like – are you on the list?

Esther Newton’s writing blog gives many great ideas for blog posts.  This week she selects the letter R and suggests we write a review of something – a book, a film, a play, a restaurant, a hotel.  I have previously written a post reviewing my five favourite blogs, so I thought I would resurrect it for this purpose…..

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