I think I love you, David Cassidy – my teenage crush…..

Day 10 – 31 day Blog Challenge: ”my first teenage crush”


I was 16 years old, and in my final year at school.   I’m embarrassed to think about myself at that age, I must have been horrendous.  Horrendous dress sense. Horrendous hairstyle. Horrendous taste in music.   I had a really big crush on ……. Continue reading

Victoria Wood RIP

One of Britain’s best loved and funniest comediennes, an award winning screenwriter and actress, has died.

imageVictoria Wood was aged 62 and she really was a ‘national treasure’.  Her one-woman stage shows were always sold out, and she was highly respected by many other comedians and celebrities.  She was well-known for her witty songs, and jokes, in her routine.   Her are a few of her funniest one-liners……

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