A mind confused….


I’m very confused.   I’ve read lots of blogs this week, everything from making chocolate chip cookies to serious book reviews, from personal ramblings to helpful ways to lose weight, from running marathons, to how to improve your life.  My WordPress skills obviously need more work, or else I could have put in a nifty little link after each of these, to lead you to the actual blog, but that requires a huge amount of effort on my part, and as I’ve not been awake long, and writing this in bed, I promise to do better next time.

We’ve been encouraged to comment, comment and comment again on other’s blogs.  I’ve mostly been nice to people, as people are nice to me, but maybe we should spice things up a bit and say what we really mean sometimes.   I wouldn’t mind if people gave me honest comments, it might improve my blog!

You could write things like “I don’t want to hear what your bl**dy cat had for breakfast!”

Or, “your ramblings about how awful your life is, is just downright boring!”

Or – “…who cares if you live on a boat and all you can see is turquoise water….”

I said I was confused.  I’m confused because I’m worried that blogging is just Twitter or Facebook for people who can’t restrict themselves to a word limit and want to show off lots of pretty photos.  Do we want a back and forward conversation with people who make a comment on your blog?

I read your post it was awesome!”

“Thank you, I think your blog is awesome too, what font are you using?”

“It’s a new font called serendipity.  Hey what is the name of your theme?”Etc Etc.

I’m sure that Jonathan James Olivier would have something to say about all this, he wrote a great post on bloggers and blogging recently, which is what got me thinking about my blog and its purpose.    What do you all think about this?  Does it matter if you blog is just an extension of social media, or should it be more than this?

I’m confused…..