Do you plan ahead, or just see what turns up?

It’s over.  My yachting life has ended.  We no longer own a boat.  From now on things will be different.  Including my blog.   I originally started my blog to tell you about our adventures aboard Fandancer in Greece, and the lovely places we visited.  So now what am I going to write about now? Continue reading

Sewing on Sunday

I came across this daily prompt by accident!

Sunday Sampler is a weekly prompt where we can showcase any arts or crafts we are producing.  I thought I would post something, as it might allow me to meet a different set of bloggers who are out there – involved in sewing, crafts, patchwork.

My latest sewn fabric basket is made out of grey and white fabric, with a thick lining, and is a little larger than previous ones I have made. This one is going to be a present for a friend who is expecting a baby any day now – I will put some small gifts inside, maybe baby toiletries, or a gift for the mum.


I am currently living in the UK over the winter, but in April we will be returning to our yacht in Greece.  We live aboard over the summer months, until October.   So at the moment I have no real boat-related tales to tell; I have been spending time with my friends, family and grandchildren.   I have also started sewing again, after a long gap.   I love searching craft and material shops for pieces of fabric, remnants, ribbons, anything that might be useful.

  I have found lots of ideas for sewing on Pinterest.  I love making toys and little objects for my grandchildren – everything from a Batman outfit and a nurse’s uniform, to a crayon roll, a shoulder bag, a squidgy toy fish, a rag doll and a ribbon taggie for a baby.  I also like making  little fabric baskets to give as presents, usually filled with home made fudge.


I love making cushions – the first ones I made were memory cushions made out of pieces of grandchildren’s outgrown clothing.   I’m also making some new cushion covers to take back to our boat.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making!


A month’s progress….


Well, that’s January over….

Time for a quick summary of my month.

After a few false starts, I managed to set up a new blog, and have gained over 60 followers. Thank you everyone who has answered my inane questions, given me support, and kept me here. I have even been asked to be a guest blogger on two blogs.
I have managed to catch up with some old school friends, that I have known for over 40 years. They gave me some ideas for the book I want to write about life in a girls’ boarding school in the 1970s.

We have researched some marinas in Hampshire, UK, that would be suitable for our yacht Fandancer when we eventually sail her back from Greece. I feel so much better knowing where we might be in the future, rather than continuing to be a floating gypsy. I’m also looking forward to seeing some new and amazing places on our travels this year.

I have spent some quality time time with my four gorgeous grandchildren while we have been back in the UK this winter. I am always amazed at how quickly they grow and develop. Each time I see them, they have expanded their vocabulary, their fine motor skills, their balance and movement. They are turning into wonderful individuals, and I will miss them all very much when we return to our yacht over the summer.

I have begun to do more sewing this year, and have enjoyed using my sewing machine to make little gifts to give to friends, and home made birthday presents for family. I have loved searching for different fabric pieces and have now accumulated quite a collection.


So I’m feeling positive, and looking forward to February…..