How many Greek islands are there?

How many Greek islands are there?  It depends on your definition of an ‘island’.   If you count every lump of rock, there are more than 6,000, but realistically, there are around 1,000 which have been named – yes, even very small islands have names! Continue reading

Photo a Week Challenge – White

White is the theme for Photo a Week.

Unfortunately  in the UK, we rarely get any picturesque white snowy scenes.  So most of my photos are from last summer in Greece, where we sail out yacht.  Although I did find a snowy photo from several years ago, in the UK…..

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Greek island memories……

Four years ago we were sailing in the Cyclades, the Greek island group that is known for whitewashed buildings with blue doors.  To read about why Greek houses are painted white, click here to read my post.

This is part of a Sailblog entry I wrote exactly four years ago when we sailed to the island of Paros…….

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