T is for Trikeri – a magical island

Trikeri is a tiny Greek island in the Gulf of Volos, at the very end of the Pelion peninsula.  It is becoming a popular sailing area, as it is close to the islands of  Evia  to the south, and Skiathos to the east.  After our yacht Fandancer  was launched from the boatyard on Evia after the winter, we had a wonderful trip around the gulf of Volos, and Trikeri island was a very memorable place. Continue reading

Evia – an enchanting Greek island

A to Z challenge   Day 5 – E for Enchanting Evia

One pleasure of spending the summer aboard our yacht Fandancer is to discover new and interesting sailing locations that may be relatively unknown to some, and can be regarded as “off the beaten track.” One such area that we got to know well is the Gulf of Evia. Continue reading

The Luckiest Cat in Greece

The prompt for the One Word Photo Challenge is ‘Cat’, which is an easy prompt for me – our cat Artemis has appeared lots of times on my blog, but for those of you who have not met her, I’ll tell you a bit about this amazing cat who lives on our boat…

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