24 facts you absolutely need to know…..

It’s a very hot and sultry day in Greece.  I’m supposed to be looking for a camera lead so I can transfer photos from my big digital camera to my iPad, but it’s disappeared.  So while I’m thinking where to look next, I had a quick glance at the blogging world and came across a great idea, where you are posed a number of personal questions which you have to answer.  A great idea for a blog post, until I think of something better!  So here’s my answers to the questions….. Continue reading

Six Word Saturday – birthday related.

I’ve just said goodbye to my family who came to visit for the day.    I had such a lovely time, with all three children and four grandchildren here together.  It was my youngest grandaughter’s 2nd birthday, and we had a little lunchtime party for her.

Here are my six words for Saturday…..

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Have you ever won the lottery?

My 31 day Blog Challenge – “If I won the lottery”……

Well, you would have to tell me how much I have won. There’s a lot of difference between winning £1000 and ten million. Winning £1000 would just mean a big shopping splurge and maybe a weekend away. In a year’s time you would be back where you started. Wining ten million would be life changing. So let’s assume I’ve won a million. Just one million. Not nearly enough to put you on the Rich List, but more then enough to live comfortably. I’m assuming I would get to spend it all on myself, and this is what I would do ……

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