Third time Lucky…..why?

31 Day Blog Challenge – “the meaning of my business name”.

I guess this means why did you choose the name of your blog? It’s not a business blog. I don’t want to run a business from my blog! I don’t want to sell cosmetics, or knitted pixies. I don’t give advice on how to get 10,000 followers in ten minutes, I don’t tell anyone on how to look good in skinny jeans. It’s just a little old blog that Continue reading

Keep on blogging – an award will come!

Well, yesterday was quite a good day for the blog of Georgie.

I had a bit of wobble the previous Thursday, and was thinking about the purpose of my blog, the meaning of life, and other random things. I didn’t even have anything really suitable for Thursday Doors, one of my favourite challenges, and was about to finish my blogging career and find something less time consuming to do. Then I had three nice blogging surprises …… Continue reading

How to make your blog more attractive….


Although you may have only been blogging for a very short while, it’s obviously worthwhile doing everything you can to get people to look at your posts. Surely this is the point of choosing to have a blog in the first place? Why bother writing something if no-one is going to read it? I’m sometimes surprised that some bloggers don’t make much effort to help their readers.

While skimming through the WordPress Reader at posts I’d ‘liked’ and saved, I was thinking about what made me pay closer attention to some posts and not others. What made me stay on a page and read a post, but discard others? If I haven’t read anything from that author before, how do I decide to read it or forget it?


Firstly, if a post has too much content, if I scroll down and there’s pages of writing without being broken up with photos, diagrams or similar, I am unlikely to read it. Sorry, but time is precious and I get bored easily. I want instant gratification. I want to know if it’s worth reading. So, good photos are attractive to me.

I am attracted to paragraph headings, and short paragraphs. I don’t like fussy fonts or tiny writing. One of the most important factors is the title of the post. “What I did on Saturday” or “Musings of a mum” might be very personal and relevant to you, or your immediate family and friends, but I don’t really want to read your personal diary. Whereas – “Five Ways to Improve Your Weekend” or “Secrets of Family Harmony” might just get me to pause a little longer…..


What makes you linger longer on someone’s blog? Is it easy to find their pages? Can you find the comment box quickly, if you want to reply? Are you attracted to some layouts and not others?
I’d really like to make my own blog more attractive, so I’m now going to look for some blogs that I find pleasing to the eye and keep me interested, and I’ll learn from them. – I’ll be reporting back soon……