Quartet – the fabulous four….

If you need inspiration for a blog post or if your brain is empty, as mine often is, you can always look at the Daily Prompt which will arrive in your email inbox if you have signed up for it.   Today when I was scrolling through lots of junk emails from people trying to sell me things I don’t need, or holidays I can’t afford, I found today’s prompt, which is Quartet.

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Have you Googled anything recently?

Thank goodness for Google.   If we ever need the answer to anything, the answer is at our fingertips. According to The Telegraph newspaper, Google’s most searched ‘how to’ questions perfectly capture struggles of adult life. They composed a list of the most common searches….. Continue reading

Mountain meadow – 120 days of Crayola

For today’s  120 Days of Crayola, the colour is ‘Mountain Meadow’ – this is a very difficult colour to match with a photo.   It doesn’t look like a colour of a mountain, or a meadow.   It doesn’t look like a plant colour at all.  So I’ve found some photos of a boat, a baby, a door, and a decoration.

Do you think they are like Mountain Meadow?


Tiny green boat


Decoration on a door in Funchal, Madeira


Sleeping grandson wearing a Mountain Meadow green top……


A handmade Mountain Meadow decoration

and this is the colour the are supposed to match….