A few days late, but I’ve made it to Z……..

I don’t like giving up on things.  I’ve been doing the April A to Z challenge where every day we are required to write a post starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet.  I started with a post about Artemis, the luckiest cat in Greece.  I wrote about dinghies and quad bikes.  I wrote about many Greek Islands that we’ve sailed to on our yacht Fandancer.  I even wrote about having to wash my knickers in a bucket.   But I fell at the very last hurdle and never wrote a post for Z……. Continue reading

M for marvellous Mongonisi….

The A to Z challenge has reached Day 13 – the half way mark.   I’m surprised I’m still going!  A bit late posting today, as I’ve had s glorious time with my grandsons in Southsea.  We went to the play park, fed the swans, walked to the pier, had fish and chips for lunch, played on the arcade games, had an ice cream, then threw stones into the sea.  What could be better than that!   Back to it – M is for ……. Continue reading