Silent Sunday – Paxos pictures….

No words for this lovely sunrise…..


Sunrise at Gaios

Some written signs from my Gaios walk….. which one do you like best?

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Greek sunrise in Saghiada

Our last morning in Saghiada.  After eating ashore last night, we moved Fandancer from the tiny harbour and anchored just outside.   This was to avoid paying another night’s mooring fee.    This year, more harbours are charging you to moor, unlike previous years, when we would virtually travel around the Greek Islands for weeks without paying anything.


Fish supper at ‘Scaloma’

As Tim had worked his socks off all day, cleaning the boat in preparation for his daughters’ arrival, we decided to eat ashore.  There are about four tavernas and a coffee shop along the small harbour, and the first one always seems to get the most business – I think it’s just because people can’t be bothered to walk any further, they see lots of customers in there, so they think it must be good.   We ate there the other evening, so this time decided to go to the other end of the row and try the other fish restaurant.


Taverna tables, with Fandancer in the harbour

A fairly young guy was running it, and when we said we would like some fish, he took us into the kitchen and unloaded boxes of fish from the chiller for us to look at!    There were fish of every size and shape.  He told us the names of all of them, some were very big indeed, but we had already decided to order a small sea bass each.  He found two, weighed them, and told us the price before we ordered.  And very delicious they were.

I always like getting up early when we are in harbour and I can get off the boat.   I love to see the sunrise.   At the back of the little harbour of Saghiada there is a small, shallow lagoon where fishermen keep their boats.  I managed to get some good photos…


Early morning light on the lagoon 


Sunrise over the lagoon at Sagiada


Fishing boat at sunrise

This morning we will head back west to Corfu town and anchor near the Byzantine castle again.  Our plan is to take the dinghy over to the sailing club (where there is a small marina, but too expensive for us).   We are then going to walk about two kilometres along a busy road to Lidl, that well-known supermarket, which I rarely go to in the UK as there are much nicer places to shop, but in a Greece, Lidl is a luxury….


Pretty window in Corfu town

Hopefully, Tim will be in a good mood and pay for a taxi to take us and our shopping back from Lidl to the seafront to load up the dinghy.   I’ll wear my walking shoes just in case we have to get back under our own steam…….