Five Greek islands – sailing in the Ionian….

Since we launched Fandancer  and left the boatyard in Preveza on 19 July (a bit late this year, due to moving house to the Isle of Wight in the UK), we have been to five Greek islands and two lovely mainland harbours.  The islands we have visited so far this year are Continue reading

No skyscrapers in Greece…..

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – commercial or industrial buildings

This challenge almost stumped me this week!  Georgie stumped?  Surely not!

As I am in the Greek Islands for a big chunk of the year, I don’t get to see skyscrapers, huge office blocks or industrial areas.   When I come back to the UK we are lucky enough to live in a small country town and I don’t visit big cities very much, so I have few photos of commercial or industrial buildings.  However – I wondered if small shops I’ve seen on my travels, or cafes and tavernas would count as commercial buildings?

First, I have a colourful photo of a French hairdresser’s shop…..


French coiffeur

Now, we are jumping to the greek island of Paxos, and here’s a waterfront business – a taverna.


Taverna on Paxos

Back to the UK now  here’s the local theatre in my town of Romsey….. a thriving commercial business.


Plaza theatre, Romsey

Back in Greece, we arrive in Ithaca, and find this little commercial property on the island of Ithaca – another colourful taverna…..


Corfu was the biggest town we visited this year.   There are lots of industries on the outskirts of the town, but in the old town there are no modern buildings or skyscrapers.  The commercial buildings such as shops and offices are squeezed between the many tavernas.


Commercial street in Corfu old town

Also in Corfu town, the local  market is the hub of commercial activity.


Corfu market

In Preveza town, I found this little commercial business – a camera shop!


Shop in Preveza

Back to England now – the fishing industry is very important on the east coast, and there are many commercial stalls on the beach at Aldburgh selling fresh fish.


Fish shack, Aldburgh

Finally!   I found a photo of Canary Wharf, the commercial centre of London.