Flying through the air…..

In response the the Daily Prompt today, which is “Leap“, I thought I would include this photo of my cat Artemis, making a formidable feline leap….


In the summer months, my husband Tim and I live on our yacht with our cat Artemis.  She is a proper Greek cat, we rescued her when she was stuck in the engine of a truck when she was a kitten, almost two years ago.

When we moor the boat in a Greek harbour, we have to come in stern first, after dropping the anchor, then the boat is secured with stern lines to stop her moving.   Artemis knows what we are about to do, and often she will leap ashore before the stern lines have been thrown ashore.  We have estimated her leap to be about 10-12 feet, which is some distance!


When we go ashore to celebrate our safe arrival with a cold beer, Artemis will often walk along the quayside with us, like a dog!  Sometimes she even comes into the taverna and sits near us.  She is a very curious cat, and loves to explore.  She often jumps onto other boats moored by us. On this occasion, she jumped across all the small fishing boats in the harbour at Kioni on the Greek island of Ithaca, and then back onto the quay, next to where we were sitting.

A spectacular leap, I’m sure you will agree!