Why is Greece so photogenic? Some photos from our Greek island travels….

Our Greek island odyssey is swiftly moving on – so many wonderful places for photography.  Here’s a few of my favourites from last week….

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We found some wind at Vassiliki, and lots of windsurfers……



Waterfront at Kioni

We motored from Kioni on Ithaca and arrived at Vassiliki on the south coast of Lefkas island.   Vassiliki is known as one if the premier windsurfing locations in Continue reading

…… in which we spend an unexciting morning with the Greek port police…..

After leaving the hectic harbour at Lefkas, we decided to head south through the Lefkas canal and into the inland Sea – so called because whichever direction you look, you can see land in the distance, and no open sea.


The Ionian Sea, Greece

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