Unusual, odd, strange, bizarre, unexpected……

In the  A to Z challenge we’ve reached the letter ‘U’.  The 21st letter of the alphabet.  Not ,any more to go now!    This has been the hardest letter for me so far.  It’s difficult enough thinking of any interesting word starting with U, never mind finding something that relates to my theme, which has been ‘Sailing in Greece’.  Continue reading

Colourful, vibrant, bright….

I do like a colour prompt for a photo challenge!  This week Cee’s has chosen Vibrant Colours for her Fun Foto Challenge.

Firstly, here’s some colourful flags flown by a lead flotilla yacht in Greece.  When we see these, we know it will be followed by a dozen or so flotilla boats, all trying to find a space in harbour – so we try and get there first on our yacht!

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