10 reasons to like Marmite….

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I would definitely be taking a pot of Marmite back to the boat when we return to Greece in six weeks.  It’s very rare to find Marmite in Greek shops, and when you do, it is very expensive.   Obviously it is not sold everywhere in the world, as many fellow bloggers have asked me what Marmite actually is, and what it tastes like.


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10 items to take back to the yacht…

In around six weeks’ time we will be back on our yacht Fandancer, in Greece, and planning this summer’s sailing trip.

I’m already thinking ahead about what items I will take back to the boat.   I don’t mean things like clothes and shoes, as I will be leaving all my winter wardrobe behind.   I’m looking forward to wearing no socks or shoes, no thick sweaters, no jeans, no coat.    We mostly live in shorts and tee shirts, and flip flops.  Or swimming costumes.   I quite like just wrapping myself in a sarong. Continue reading