What’s on the horizon? Views from Greece.

New Horizons – hmmmmm!  That’s a tricky one, if you are trying to come up with something different for this weekly photo theme.  As we travel around Greece a lot during the summer, we are always travelling towards new horizons when we discover new islands, so here’s some Greek island new horizons for you…..

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I think I love you, David Cassidy – my teenage crush…..

Day 10 – 31 day Blog Challenge: ”my first teenage crush”


I was 16 years old, and in my final year at school.   I’m embarrassed to think about myself at that age, I must have been horrendous.  Horrendous dress sense. Horrendous hairstyle. Horrendous taste in music.   I had a really big crush on ……. Continue reading

My 10 favourite songs….

Day 22 – blog challenge – today’s theme – “my 10 favourite songs”

I’m a bit of a rock chick at heart. I went to loads of music concerts when I was young. I don’t like outdoor festivals, or outdoor concerts that much, although I’ve been to a few. My favourite venue was Wembley Arena, which was indoors, and also Hammersmith Odeon, although it’s called something else now.

I have no particular reasons for choosing these songs. They are just ones that seem to crop up time and time again when I make myself a playlist.

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