Panoramas of Greece

One Word Photo Challenge – Panorama

I enjoy these weekly photo challenges as you can interpret the prompts in many ways.  To me, ‘Panorama’ implies a lovely view, often taken from above. So that’s what I’ve found for you, some photos taken from a viewpoint. Continue reading

Our journey around the Greek Islands….

JOURNEY is the theme for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.

As I live on a boat and spend the summer floating around the Greek islands, this is an easy theme for me. Here are some photos from our journey this Summer….. Continue reading

Elderly -on the Greek islands.

The topic for the One Word Photo Challenge is ‘elder’.

I have some lovely photos of elderly Greek men.   The average life span of the Greek population is slightly below the UK, but above the USA.   Their diet and lifestyle appear to be relevant factors in how long they live.    This bunch certainly seem to be doing well……. Continue reading