The twisted rope – photo challenge

There’s always lots of rope on a sailing yacht.  So I’ve chosen the topic of rope for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge – twisted

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Red is the colour – post box, fishing boat and greyhound coat ……..

The Photo a Week theme asks us to find ‘Red’ in photographs.   I enjoy taking photos which represent certain colours.   Let’s see what I’ve found…..

First of all, here’s a traditional British post box…….

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Photo A Week – Dark green

For this week’s Photo A Week Challenge, the topic is “Dark green”.

Dark Green is not one of my favourite colours.   I don’t often take photos of landscapes, trees or plants.   I prefer to take close-up photos of objects, people, the sea and boats.   So I looked through my photos and found a few that illustrated dark green, I hope like them…..


Close up of a dark green ivy leaf



A broken green window shutter, part of a graffiti mural on a wall


Some dark green moss on rocks at low tide


So,e green moss growing on the roof of a ruined house


The lovely dark green leaves and fruit on an olive tree


This green pine-covered lane was in Greece, on the island of Kalamos

What’s your favourite colour?