Greek chairs – in black and white

For this week’s Cee’s Black & White Challenge  – the topic is objects starting with ‘C and D’.   I have chosen photos of chairs that I have taken on my travels in Greece.  Greek taverna chairs and tables are very photogenic, especially when they are situated on the beach, or by the harbour, or with a sunset backdrop. Continue reading

Pacific Blue – one of my favourite colours….

Continuing with the 120 days of Crayola challenge, today’s colour is Pacific Blue.


This colour conjures up pictures of amazing blue sea, but when I checked my photos of the sea, they weren’t quite the right colour, but see what you think.  I also found some other different objects…… Continue reading

Paths, roads, tracks, alleys, streets….

Thanks to Ailsa from wheresmybackpack for this week’s travel theme of ‘paths’.

I think everyone likes to explore a new path, so here’s some paths, tracks and roads that I’ve followed on my travels.  We’ve left our yacht Fandancer in Greece, and we’ve returned to the UK over the winter.  We’ve been enjoying some lovely country walks…….

Continue reading