A walk along the beach….

It’s day five of Suze’s fabulous Seven Days of Summer challenge.  Why not have a look at all the creative posts that our gorgeous bloggers have created?

Day 5: July 5: You are on a beach. What five things do you pick up off the sand? Tell us about those things.

As I’m currently living on a boat in Greece, (have a look at my blog!) I am often walking along a beach.  Not because we’ve run aground, you understand, but because we have moored in a harbour somewhere near a beach, or we might be at anchor and have gone ashore in the dinghy and landed on a beach nearby.  Like we did last night.  So here are some actual things I have found recently on a Greek beach….

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Independence Day….a great film.

Day 4 in Suze’s Summer Challenge …… Today’s task –

July 4: The U.S. Celebrates July 4th as their Independence day.
What does Independence mean to you?
If you are a US citizen, do you have special memories of this holiday?

If you are from anther part of this big world, when is YOUR country’s Independence Day and how do you celebrate??

Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, Denmark and the United Kingdom are the only two countries who don’t celebrate an Independence Day?

That’s me screwed for today’s post then…..thanks, Suze!

However, I offer you an alternative….

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Perfect Summer Day….

Day 2 of Suze’s Summer Challenge  – Describe the perfect Summer day…either one you have already enjoyed or what your fantasy day would be like.

Although I live on a boat in Greece, most summer days are perfect, but with a little bit of tweaking, the day could be even better!

My fantasy perfect Summer day….

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