Good Morning! Whatare you up to, today?

Good Morning!

I woke at 5.35am and I knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep.   Continue reading


Six Word Saturday….

Six Word Saturday

Thanks to Cate for this idea.    This roughly describes what I’m up to, today….


“….. making fancy pillows from wedding gown……..”

It’s not my wedding gown – I never had a flouncy posh wedding gown!  A colleague gave hers to me and asked me to make something.   This is what I’ve done so far….


I’ve cut lots of six inch squares from the main fabric.   I’ve done some fabric manipulation techniques on some, to give them texture, and removed bits of lace and sequins from the bodice to add to other squares.


I laid all the squares I’ve made on the floor to choose the best way to arrange them.


I’ve sewed 24 squares together so now it’s the size of a pillow case.


I’m trying to decide whether to add a frilled edge, made from some of the tuille underskirt material.  I haven’t attached it yet – I think it will be too flouncy.

What do you think?

Craft – does it mean a boat, or something home-made?

The Daily Prompt is CRAFT.

Not such an easy prompt as it might look!    There are several definitions……

1.  an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill:

2.  skill; dexterity:

3.  skill or ability used for bad purposes; cunning; deceit; guile.

4.the members of a trade or profession collectively; a guild.

5.a ship or other vessel.

6.a number of ships or other vessels taken as a whole:

7. aircraft collectively.

so which did I choose? Continue reading