Where do I come from? Nowhere and everywhere…..

When you are asked “where do you come from?” how easy is it for you to answer?  

Most people can claim to have roots in one particular town in one particular country, with many family members still living in one area.  For me, that’s an almost impossible question – I don’t come from anywhere in particular….. Continue reading

X – how many words start with X?

Thanks to the fabulous attic sister who gave me the idea for my contribution in the A to Z challenge.  Do go and look at her blog, it’s full of lots of snippets of life on a ranch, antiques, animals, writing and photography.  She has a vast knowledge of all things Greek and has been a loyal follower of my recent posts about Greece.  She suggested a word for me starting with ‘X’ ……. Xanthos!

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T is for Trikeri – a magical island

Trikeri is a tiny Greek island in the Gulf of Volos, at the very end of the Pelion peninsula.  It is becoming a popular sailing area, as it is close to the islands of  Evia  to the south, and Skiathos to the east.  After our yacht Fandancer  was launched from the boatyard on Evia after the winter, we had a wonderful trip around the gulf of Volos, and Trikeri island was a very memorable place. Continue reading