Ladders, steps and stairs….

It’s time for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – this week the theme is ..

Stairs, Steps and Ladders.

I had fun looking through my photos for something for this topic  and I came up with the following ….

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Visit to Aldburgh, Suffolk.

As well as visiting St Ives last weekend, we also drove to the east coast of England, and went to Aldburgh, Suffolk.

By the way, did you work out the answer to the St Ives riddle on my previous post?   I’ll give the answer at the bottom of this page…

Aldeburgh is about 87 miles north east of London, or as I describe it, the back of beyond, close to the middle of nowhere.  We drove up from the south coast, trying to avoid motorways, so it took about four hours to get there!

Aldburgh means “old fort” and in the 15th century was a very important coastal town.  The Golden Hind was built here – Sir Francis Drake’s galleon, in which he circumnavigated the world in 1580.


Aldburgh, Moot Hall

The ‘Moot’ hall, close to the seafront in Aldburgh, is one of the best preserved Tudor buildings in Britain, built around 1550.  It now houses the town museum.

FullSizeRender (16)

local fishing boat, Aldburgh

The beach is mostly shingle and extends for many miles along this part of the coast.  Fishing boats still bring in their haul, and sell a large variety of fresh fish directly from the beach.

There are some wonderful buildings in Aldburgh, some brightly painted.

There are also lots of shops to explore, selling everything from antiques and books to fashionable clothes.


IMG_0492 (Edited)

Finally, the British composer, Benjamin Britten, was born in nearby Lowestoft and later lived in various houses in Aldburgh.  The Red House in Aldburgh was Britten’s residence for the last two decades of his life,  The house is open for visitors, and the Aldburgh music festival is held every year in his honour.


– the answer is ONE.  “As I was going to St Ives…” implies that everyone you met was coming in the opposite direction, therefore coming away from St Ives, so you were the only one going to St Ives!