My anti-bucket list ….

A couple of years ago, a well-known UK daily paper conducted a survey on 2000 people, and asked them what things they would like to achieve before they died.

Read the article here….

Based on items from this list, and some of my own ideas, I came up with my ANTI-BUCKET LIST. These are some things I definitely do NOT want to do before I die….. Continue reading

Let’s talk tattoos…..

Hey you! With the tattoo!

I abhor, detest, dislike and hate all your tattoos. I find them repulsive. I’m not saying I dislike you, the person, which is what most tattooed people think I mean, when I say I dislike tattoos. I like you a lot, I just don’t want to look at your tattoo. Please don’t show it to me. Not even an ickle tiny rosebud. Not the initials of a dead person. Not a cartoon of your dog. Not even a tiny Chinese symbol which means “peace”.    There is absolutely nothing to like. Continue reading