Vote for your favourite photo…..

I have been participating in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for some time now, but sadly this challenge is coming to an end. For the last topic, we have been asked to post our all time favourites.

But how many photos to post? We are not told. How can I pick a favourite from all the hundreds of photos I take?  I have over 15,000 on my iPad alone – or at least they’re floating around on an iCloud somewhere (I’m still not totally certain of how that cloud thingy works).

So I’m going to limit myself to six photos, then ask you to vote for your favourite, are you up for that? Continue reading

Bricks and stones in black and white…..

Cee’s Black and White Challenge -bricks and stones

Sometimes, photos change their character completely when they are in black and white.  The detail and texture of bricks and stones especially lend themselves to this.

My first photo was taken on the island of Kalamos in Greece, where there was a ruined olive pressing factory.  The texture of the stone really shows up in black and white. Continue reading

Oxford colleges and wonderful buildings….

Although we live aboard our yacht Fandancer for the summer in Greece, last week I flew back to the UK for four days, to attend my son’s PhD graduation ceremony in Oxford.  You can read about my amazing day here. Continue reading