Monday window

Monday Window Home

As it’s the last time I’ll be in this house for the Monday Window challenge, I thought I’d share a photo of my own window.  I’ve lived in this rented cottage for almost 8 months, but tomorrow we are moving out and going back to our boat in Greece.

The cottage is located in the lovely Hampshire village of Rowlands Castle, about five miles from the sea, on the south coast.

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An old English village…..

Yesterday we woke up to sunshine, and as TH (the husband) is constantly checking the weather, he thought we should get out in the fine weather before the clouds and rain arrived later.  We drove a few miles to Bosham, on the coast.   This is a very old village,  situated right on the sea, and if you park your car too close to the water, you can be certain it will be partially covered at high tide!   In the local pub there are many photos of car owners who did not check the tide tables…. Continue reading