Home-made mince pies, and a Christmas tree…..

It’s not this time of year without…

…….making dozens of mince pies!   Do people in other parts of the world eat these amazing creations?   Every guest to your home will be offered one of these delights.  They are pastry cases filled with mincemeat.  Bizzarely, the mincemeat has nothing to do with minced meat……. Continue reading

“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 26 – ‘Distance’

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is Distance.

I’m not a good landscape photographer, and I didn’t think I would have a lot of photos with interesting distant objects in them, but then I remembered one particular photo that I took from on board our yacht Fandancer.


sunrise at sea

This was taken very early in the morning, after a long overnight passage.   I don’t like long passages any more, I did when I was younger, but I find them a bit stressful.   For a start it’s usually quite boring, with nothing to see.  I can never sleep properly, and I don’t like being on my own in the cockpit when my husband is off watch.  We check the weather very carefully and hopefully there will be no big storms to catch you out.  On a lot of long passages we have had not enough wind to sail, so we motor a lot of the way.

In the distance, you can just see some land appearing on the horizon. This is Sicily in the distance. We had left the east coast of Sardinia and sailed approximately 180 nautical miles which took about 30 hours.  This was the longest passage on our sailing trip from UK to Greece.

Was I glad to see land in the distance that morning!

Incidentally, this photo was used as a double page spread in a six-page magazine article I wrote for Sailing Today, about our trip from UK to Greece.