Do blogs have to be entertaining?

Thank you so very much to my dusty flipflops  for my nomination for the Entertainer Blogger Award! It’s always nice to Continue reading

Seriously, how many views, likes and comments do you get?

I’m seriously thinking I need to make some radical changes to my blog.   It’s really not working, is it?  I know that us small time bloggers aren’t bothered about the stats, we’re not wanting to earn any money or sell anything.  But to get just 11 views on one day is a bit disheartening…… Continue reading

Why do you follow my blog?

Although I’ve been neglecting my blog recently, I’m still very grateful to the several new followers this week that have found my little old blog and decided they want to read more.  I’m not a ‘niche’ blogger – I don’t sell a product, I don’t give advice on anything, I don’t provide recipes, I don’t tell jokes, I don’t write about current affairs. So what on earth is my blog about?   Continue reading